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Will IoT technology bring us the quantified employee?

According to Deloitte Consulting in their May 2016 article, "Wearables and other IoT-based devices are helping millions of us better ourselves. Can employers convince everyone to use the same technology to make work more efficient, productive, and pleasant? All that data offers great potential for workplace gains—as long as everyone’s on board with the program". Deloitte takes on the question of how companies will be using IoT for their workforce in their article, "Will IoT Technology Bring us the Quantified Employee?"

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Monitoring People - there are privacy challenges

When monitoring people, there are privacy challenges that must be considered. When scoping out or designing a solution that includes monitoring people, be sure to read this article so that you are prepared for the conversation. Vendors with expertise in the field are a great asset to you in having these conversations with a customer. When done correctly, the solution can benefit everyone.

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